“I thank my editor, Rona Bernstein, Psy.D., whose expertise as a certified editor and a licensed clinical psychologist was invaluable. Her knowledge of both clinical psychology and the editorial process have been extraordinary. I learned that knowledge and experience alone, while necessary, are not sufficient in creating a useable and practical guidebook. Her developmental editing was essential in assembling the material I wrote into an easy-to-use guidebook. Her tactful candor has been much appreciated.”

Dona Zimmerman, PhD
~ Author, Overcoming the Overwhelming

“Rona holds the bigger picture of a manuscript, even as she focuses on the details. Her exceptionally sharp eye and astute knowledge of form and style are balanced by her gentle collaboration and respect for an author’s style. Her sensitive and thoughtful approach to editing made the process not only painless, but a pleasure!”

Chad LeJeune, PhD
~ Author, “Pure O” OCD

“Working with Rona on my book was like having a very wise, kind and trusted friend take me by the hand and show me exactly what I needed to do to improve my writing. Rona gave me lots of encouragement, along with very clear, sensible and practical feedback. She is an expert in editing psychology books, and helped me write more confidently and succinctly, without losing the essence of my own style. Rona’s invaluable assistance enabled me to turn my book into something I am proud of, that I hope will help therapists working with children.”

Tamar Black, PhD
Educational and Developmental Psychologist
~ Author, ACT for Treating Children

“Rona Bernstein is simply a marvelous editor. She is extremely organized and meticulous in her attention to detail. She is the kind of editor who catches that in one place the title to a table has a comma and in the other place a semicolon. She also is aware of the big picture. Rona was able to help me think through how I wanted to organize the book. It was her suggestion to break the book down into four separate sections, which greatly improved the readability of the book. Rona has a background in psychology, which was helpful as she not only got the general idea, but was able to pick up when I had not fully explained a more subtle idea, or when an idea could be expressed in a more elegant manner. She was able to edit my writing so that it was clearer but still felt like my writing. Perhaps what I enjoyed most about working with Rona is that I felt I had a colleague whose opinion I trusted. I could send her a section I was struggling with, get her feedback, and we could talk about how to make it better.”

Nina Josefowitz, PhD
~ Co-author, CBT Made Simple

“I am honored to provide this testimonial for Dr. Rona Bernstein, who copy edited several chapters of a book of which I was editor. From the outset, I received clear responses to queries about cost, availability, and turnaround time, and Rona’s prompt replies reduced angst. Her specialty in psychological, educational, and disability-related dialogue soon became evident. Critique clearly drew on a broad knowledge base, and attention to academic referencing was, without doubt, exemplary. I would suggest that efficiency, high professional standards, and a collegial manner of communicating are just some of this professional copy editor’s attributes.”


Barbara Rissman, PhD
~ Sessional Academic and Equity Project Officer, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
~ Author and Editor, Medical and Educational Perspectives on Nonverbal Learning Disability in Children and Young Adults

“If you are looking for outstanding academic editing, whether you are a graduate student, post-doctoral fellow, faculty member, researcher, or agency leader, PsychEditing is for you. This is a great service providing practical and highly effective help in improving scholarly writing. I extend my congratulations to Dr. Bernstein for developing a service that fills a critical need.”

Mark Weist, PhD
~ Professor, Department of Psychology, University of South Carolina
~ Director, Clinical-Community Program

“It has been a pleasure to work with you on this project! We have all been so impressed with your detailed and thorough work. I will most definitely seek out your services in the future. Many thanks!”

Jean Marie Place, PhD
~ Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology and Health Science, Ball State University, IN

“I’ve worked with many different authors over the years, so I can confidently say that Rona is a brightly shining star. She’s efficient, passionate, wise, and creative, and she knows how to improve the work. If you want to trim off all that padding and reshape your text into something much more dynamic and engaging, Rona will help you do that quickly, effectively, and without a fuss.”

Russ Harris, MD
~ Internationally acclaimed author of numerous books, including The Happiness Trap and ACT Questions and Answers

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Rona Bernstein. Rona was very thorough, patient, and collaborative throughout our time working with her. Even more impressive was her ability to attend to both the big picture and minor details at the same time. The quality of our final product improved substantially as a result of our collaboration with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Mitch Fryling, PhD
Chair, Division of Special Education & Counseling, Charter College of Education, California State University, Los Angeles
~ Co-editor, Applied Behavior Analysis of Language and Cognition 

“I have worked with a number of editors over the years and have to say that Rona was by far the best. In fact, working with her crystallized the outstanding experience of publishing a text with New Harbinger! She was incredibly diligent and conscious of deadlines. What I found most admirable about our work with Rona includes (1) the excellent job she did handling edits for highly complicated content; and (2) her incredibly courteous and collegial manner while working on the text. We were definitely a team. I highly, highly recommend her and would jump to work with her again if I could!”

Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, PhD
Professor, Behavior Analysis and Therapy Program; Director, Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
~ Co-editor, Applied Behavior Analysis of Language and Cognition 

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done. It feels to me like you took a personal interest in my book, not just doing the required editing, but making it read better and have greater integrity. I can’t thank you enough.”

Neil Brown, LCSW
~ Author, Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle

“I really cannot thank you enough for your time, effort, and expertise. I truly feel grateful and blessed for having found you! It has been a pleasure and I have learned so much in this relatively short time. I simply could not have done this without you!”

Kristina Pappas, PhD
~ Author, “Nonverbal Learning Disability from a Neurocognitive Perspective: A Guideline for Parents and Educators,” in Rissman, B. (Ed.), Medical and Educational Perspectives on Nonverbal Learning Disability in Children and Young Adults

“Great work, Rona—both Georg and I truly appreciate your hard work on this book and I think we all have something that we can be very proud of. The book should continue to help many!”

“I’d like to thank you wholeheartedly for your truly amazing work. Despite all our efforts, there were still so many little and bigger things that needed to be fixed or that could be improved—and with your determination and exceptional editing skills, you’ve found them all. I do believe the book has benefited tremendously from your wonderful expertise!”

John Forsyth, PhD, and Georg Eifert, PhD
~ Authors, The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety, Second Edition

“Dr. Bernstein is exactly the kind of editor you want…thorough, meticulous, and timely. I will retain her services time and again.”

Kurt D. Michael, PhD ~ Professor of Psychology, Appalachian State University, NC
~ Co-editor, Handbook of Rural School Mental Health

“A million thanks for all your help. I’m thrilled with the work you’ve done! Because of you, my book is vastly improved.”

Rachelle Katz, EdD
~ Author, The Happy Stepcouple

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