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Are you looking for a copy editor with knowledge and experience in the fields of psychology and education? You’ve come to the right place!

PsychEditing provides copy editing services to authors and publishers of psychological and educational content. Services range from light to highly technical academic editing, performed accurately and efficiently. PsychEditing’s specialized editorial services are tailored to meet your needs and those of your readers and customers, including the following target audiences:

  • academic scholars
  • clinicians
  • mental health professionals
  • educators
  • students
  • general readers


PsychEditing’s mission is to provide exceptional, specialized copy editing services to writers and publishers of psychological and educational materials to ensure that their publications are of the highest quality.

Rona Bernstein

Rona Bernstein, PsyD

Rona Bernstein is a copy editor and a licensed psychologist with over two decades of experience in clinical and educational psychology. Her extensive knowledge of mental health, assessment, and education, combined with her expertise in writing and editing, enables her to assist authors and publishers of psychological and educational materials in publishing books, assessment instruments, and other products of the highest quality. Her work with internationally recognized authors and experts in evidence-based psychological therapies and assessment has garnered widespread praise.

Dr. Bernstein’s unique specialization, skill set, and collaborative approach will provide you with an outstanding editing experience. You can depend on her professional demeanor along with her personal touch, prompt turnaround times, and, most importantly, ability to turn your expert content into expert writing.

“I’ve worked with many different authors over the years, so I can confidently say that Rona is a brightly shining star. She’s efficient, passionate, wise, and creative, and she knows how to improve the work. If you want to trim off all that padding and reshape your text into something much more dynamic and engaging, Rona will help you do that quickly, effectively, and without a fuss.”

Russ Harris, MD~ Internationally acclaimed author of numerous books, including The Happiness Trap and ACT Questions and Answers