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Editorial Services, Psychological and Educational Materials

Copy Editing Services


Services Offered

Never quite mastered all those pesky grammar and punctuation rules?

Can’t be bothered by those strict specifications about citations and references?

Too busy with all of your important work to worry about those technicalities?

Not sure how well you’re conveying your message to your readers?

No worries! PsychEditing will take care of all of that for you, and more, with these copy editing services:

  • Ensuring that your written material is clear, consistent, and complete by rewording, reorganizing, and/or offering additional suggestions as needed
  • Correcting errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, word usage, grammar, and format
  • Removing redundancies
  • Properly formatting and cross-checking citations and references
  • Adhering to the appropriate style manual (e.g., APA, Chicago) and, when needed, manuscript publication guidelines
  • Applying psychological and educational expertise to ensure that your written content is communicated effectively
  • Preparing your document for final submission for publication, upon request.

Types of Materials Edited

  • Professional books, textbooks, and self-help books
  • Journal articles
  • Manuals (e.g., training, assessment, character education)
  • Clinical and educational assessment instruments
  • K–12 instructional programs
  • Technical reports

Steps in the Copy Editing Process

1) You and Dr. Bernstein sign an agreement regarding the details of the professional editing services you will receive.

2) You email your document (typically as a Microsoft Word file) to
3) Dr. Bernstein uses the Microsoft Word Track Changes feature to edit your document and insert comments. (Other methods of editing are available upon request.)
4) Throughout the copy editing process, Dr. Bernstein communicates with you as needed, via email or phone, to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final version.
5) Dr. Bernstein emails you the edited document along with detailed instructions regarding how to view and accept (or reject) changes.
6) You become another satisfied PsychEditing client! 

Please contact Dr. Bernstein to discuss your project and your specific editing needs.